Markéta Gajdošová

Nutrition specialist and fitness coach

My philosophy


        I don’t believe in miraculous diets, restrictions and various excesses. I believe in a rational and varied diet in the context of a long-term sustainable regime. My work is based on an individual approach, flexibility and progressiveness. I have studied thoroughly hundreds of nutrition ways and approaches but personally, do not follow any of them. I believe in rational diet and that each food has an incredible potential and that it is only up to us how effectively we can take advantage of its benefits.

        A healthy diet does not necessarily mean being slim or restricting the food we eat, but rather loving ourselves and our lifestyle. The goal is not only to become slim but also to achieve psychological and physical satisfaction and, more importantly, the best possible version of yourself, no matter what that may be.

        I work as a coach and my approach is based on intensive mentoring, empathy, trust, motivation and support to my clients. I listen to and understand individual needs of my clients, I respect them, navigate them and share my experience with them. I believe that in the environment full of trust we can share our thoughts and together succeed in achieving specific goals. My priority is to teach you to listen to your body, to want what is the best for you and to find a long-term sustainable regime tailored to your needs and goals.

        I am not going to prepare lists of food you are not allowed to eat or to copy some sample menu or to make you undergo some detoxification therapy. I am going to help you, based on your physical, psychological and emotional needs, to live a happy and healthy and balanced life full of love. Whatever your needs are, I am going to go with you step by step on your way to success and make sure that together we will achieve our goals.

        I am here for you. Don’t hesitate and contact me today.



  About me


      My name is Markéta Gajdošová and I am a nutrition specialist and a fitness coach. I became engaged in nutrition in Los Angeles, where I lived and studied. I became fascinated by this field of study and it completely changed my life course to which I devote all my energy, love and passion. Since my return to the Czech Republic, I have kept devoting most of my time to nutrition mainly after I realized the low level of services of this character in this country.

        My journey to a healthy lifestyle began in the United States where I started to be interested in the way how our diet influences the way we feel and look. I figured that nowadays we are surrounded by strict diets, underestimating the importance of rational diet and that it is not easy to find the state of balance and to understand our body’s needs and to achieve the state where you will love yourself and you will be able to live a happy and healthy life. I tried and experienced for myself how a proper diet can positively change my life. I feel satisfied to help my clients to find this state of balance and with the help of proper and balanced diet regime to achieve their visions.

        Thanks to my experience from abroad I have always stressed my holistic approach and have believed that our diet is a part of a complex package of aspects that influence not only our physical but also our mental health. I have an individual approach with emphasis on the goals and preferences of my clients. All my work is based on the principles of coaching, mentoring and constant support. To ensure maximum effectiveness, I collaborate with many professionals such as psychotherapists, physiotherapists, doctors, fitness coaches and other specialists.

        I have vast experience with both domestic and foreign clients of various age and performance category. I do not focus only on individual clients but also on teams and professional sportsmen. Child nutrition, sports nutrition, rational nutrition - I am familiar with all of these. Each client is unique and has different goals. Nevertheless, they all share one characteristic: they want to succeed in reaching their potential and effectiveness, whatever their individual goal may be. On the top of my individual counseling, I also collaborate on a project called 3-month transformation with Jan Koníř, the world champion in natural bodybuilding. Currently, I am also, with the help of František Rambousek, a professional fitness trainer and a mentor of top sportsmen, introducing a unique concept called Strong Generation.

        In my spare time, I do yoga, jogging, workout and other sports. I also love traveling and discovering exotic cultures. I believe that the reason we meet various people in our lives is to learn something new from them. Therefore, I have decided to do the same and to pass the best of my knowledge and experience on to others.

        I am here for you to help you write your own story.
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  • With the help of Markéta, it took me less than 3 months to have a body of my dreams but mainly a new way I look at food. I am now more careful about what I eat. I had to buy new clothes as most of the old ones were too loose. I am 48 but I feel so much better than 10 years ago.

  • Real professional care and interest both from nutrition and personal point of view, I really appreciate that. I feel great and I want to feel like that from now on and never go back. Marketa helped me to adopt a new lifestyle. I feel much better than ever before. I will surely stay in touch with her for my further self-development.

  • My daughter had an eating disorder and a problem with the perception of herself. We had not realized that until Ms. Gajdosova managed to raise her self-confidence. She showed her she needed to eat more and better to achieve slim and healthy figure. For my daughter, she is her role model. Whatever she hears from Marketa is saint. I am grateful there are people like you. Thank you for your great approach.

  • I am grateful to Marketa for the extreme change of my performance curve and visible improvement of my sporting results. At first, I was a bit skeptical that a healthy diet could do some much but what Ms. Gajdosova showed me totally surpassed my expectations. If you want to deliver maximum performance, you are in the right hands.

  • Marketa, I had an opportunity to attend your lecture on healthy nutrition and losing weight and I would like to thank you so much for clarifying the myths and for explaining what the real healthy diet is about. Above all, I found very interesting your approach to the definition of the healthy relationship with food and I really appreciate your recommendation, which you gave us. It was a very nice and fruitful evening.

  • I spent thousands on various nutrition plans, diets, and slimming programs but it was all in vain. Then a friend of mine gave me a contact to Ms. Gajdosova who finally showed me the right way. Thank you very much, Marketa. I owe you!




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