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Adéla Králová


I have been fascinated by the human body since I was a child. I originally wanted to become a physiotherapist or pharmacist but then I felt it wasn’t the right path for me. I spent one year in France during my high school studies. When I finished high school, I studied and graduated from International Studies in the Netherlands. Then I spent a couple of months in London. In the end, I decided to return to the roots of my passion which is my lifelong favorite – the food so the nutrition.

I decided to follow my dream and started studying Wellness specialist at Palestra VSTVS College. This major allowed me to develop my interest in studying a human being more comprehensively, thus not just from the point of view of nutrition but also of sport, psychology, and regeneration. When I start something I always want to do maximum for it, so I took some other distance courses of Nutritional and Health Sciences at Mary Hall University and obtained many other nutrition certificates (mainly specialized in nutrition during pregnancy, nutrition of children, supplementation, microbiome or effective weight loss). Despite all my education in the field, I feel the most important thing is why. My enthusiasm for nutrition, for a human being as well as my will to help and to keep educating myself, are the most powerful feelings I ever had. Because of these very feelings, I believe that being a nutrition coach is my calling.

I believe that the path is the goal. It’s no secret that my first contact with Marketa was that I was her client. Because Marketa is a real Queen in the area of nutrition consultancy in the Czech Republic, I knew that she was the one who could help me to shift my enthusiasm from the theoretical level to practice. And so it happened. After Marketa noticed my potential, persistence, determination, and effort we started considering professional collaboration which came not long after. I first worked as a nutrition coach assistant for a long time and then after months of training I myself finally became a coach.  

I am very proud to be an MG team coach. My values are based not only on a high-quality diet and balanced menu but also on understanding, listening, individual personal approach, and especially on a healthy relationship with food and the body. And why all this? Because I myself used to be a client and I consider all these aspects as a matter of course. Please contact me today.

  • I decided to contact Markéta’s team after many years of trying various diets and extreme training. Adéla Králová started to took care of me and right after the first consultation I knew it was a good decision. Huge professionalism, interest, empathy – there was simply nothing missing. Already after the first week of sticking to the new menu, I knew this will be a long-term sustainable way out of the vicious circle. I’m excited about Adélka’s approach.

    Kateřina Jiříková
    Adéla Králová's client