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Kamila Černá


My fascination with nutrition and the human body started about 10 years ago when I first decided to deal with a healthy diet and simultaneously think about a healthy lifestyle. I of course failed a couple of times. My searching for the right path which leads to sustainable well-being has not always been easy. However, I know today that all this brought me to my current being a certified nutrition consultant with MSMT accreditation who is ready to help you on your own path. I am convinced that everyone is able to reach, through a healthy lifestyle, real satisfaction, self-confidence, and especially their full potential.

I graduated from the Charles University with a degree in Andragogy and Education Management and I combine my education in the field of consultancy, coaching, and psychology with my knowledge of nutrition, sport, and fitness. My love for this field grows with every newly completed training, every new experience, and with every new client. Apart from all completed training and certifications in the field of women’s health, nutrition, and personal growth, I have also validated my coaching requalification by the accreditation of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), from which I benefit while connecting all aspects and mainly translating theory into practice. I also work as an instructor in the HEAT program. I use podcasts, blogs, and recipes to inform the general public within the project Healthy by Cerna because I believe that a balanced and rationally set diet is the best prevention and also the tool to reach any goal. During my collaboration with my clients, I am looking for coherence and I take into account broader aspects entering the process. Variety and naturalness are for me important aspects in nutrition as is my respect for individuality and flexibility without useless restrictions. 

Both Marketa and the whole MG Coaching® concept is the embodiment of the values which I stand behind. Having a possibility to be part of it enables me to harmonize my professional and private life in the way to get something that really makes sense to me at the end of the day. What I see as an important part of this philosophy is a great emphasis on the high quality of the services provided but also the passion, kindness, and empathy. All these are the things that I believe must be part of quality nutrition consultancy. Sometimes you have this feeling that this is it and I am grateful to be part of this and to expand my know-how, which literally changes people’s lives.

I will be honored to be your guide on your path to the results which will be sustainable from a long-term perspective. The first step is essential – you need to start. I believe we will together handle everything else. Please contact us today.


  • Kamila and I started working on my meal plan and a physical activity plan not just for a temporary habit but rather for a complete change in my lifestyle She always respected my needs and helped me to overcome my fear and led me through this change as an equal partner that I can always trust and rely on. She always explained the whole process and listened to my needs and preferences. Kamila always shows her interest, motivates, and leads people through the whole process with such a passion which you can see only with the people who do things with their heart. I am grateful for this valuable experience and I highly recommend her.

    Marie Smržová
    Kamila Černá’s client
  • We all know how difficult it is to lose some weight after giving birth to your children at a certain age. Thanks to Adela I began to flourish and love myself again. Thanks to her nutritional counseling and her customized food plan new horizons opened up for me. Kamila is an amazing person. Everything she is doing, she is doing consistently and thoroughly. Thank you for this amazing contribution to my life!

    Irina Vagenknecht
    Kamila Černá’s client
  • The collaboration with Kamila was comprehensive, positive and gave me a lot of information on how to choose and combine my food in the way that the body does not lack anything. She was always there and ready to give me quick advice either by texting me, or video calling me and adjusted my food plan with regard to my current needs. Thanks to her guidance I finally understand the main principles of nutrition and I feel so much better.

    Anita Martincová
    Kamila Černá’s client
  • I can recommend Kamila to anyone who is trying to do something with their bodies. We together prepared my food plan and in just a few weeks we could see the results. Kamila is a very likable person with a heart in the right place. She is able to motivate you and you can see she loves what is doing.

    Kristýna Tvrzová
    Kamila Černá’s client