MARKÉTA GAJDOŠOVÁ Nutrition coaching and consultancy MARKÉTA GAJDOŠOVÁ Nutrition coaching and consultancy MARKÉTA GAJDOŠOVÁ Nutrition coaching and consultancy MARKÉTA GAJDOŠOVÁ Nutrition coaching and consultancy MARKÉTA GAJDOŠOVÁ Nutrition coaching and consultancy MARKÉTA GAJDOŠOVÁ Nutrition coaching and consultancy MARKÉTA GAJDOŠOVÁ Nutrition coaching and consultancy

Long-term sustainable regime

We do not believe in extremes. We believe in a long-term sustainable lifestyle with no

Health is our priority

Your health, both physical and mental, is our priority. Therefore, our philosophy is to
prioritize quality over quantity. Not only when it comes to food, but also in life.

Individual approach

We use an individual approach to each client. We will go with you step by step on your
path to success and make sure that together we will achieve our goals.


I do not believe in miraculous diets and nutrition excesses. I believe in natural eating, individuality, real food and I especially believe that proper nutrition has real potential. It is only up to us, how much we can take advantage of its benefits. I believe that healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are not just about what we have on the plate but also how we transform all the aspects of our regime into a state of perfection and make it our new standard. Quality has always been, is, and will always be my priority, not only when it comes to food but also our approach to it.



An effective way of collaboration will take you to the world of healthy nutrition, analyze your eating regime, and recommend appropriate changes or adjustments. It will also give you answers to your questions and set up adequate methods. It is suitable for the analysis of your eating habits which takes into account your goals and also provides you with answers to your questions regarding nutrition, supplementation, sports nutrition regime, and overall lifestyle.

Webinars and lecturing

Tailor-made lectures both online and offline. We speak Czech and English. We participate in conferences not only as guests but also as lecturers. We love thematic webinars so much that we organize our own under the auspices of MG COACHING®.

DNA analysis

Mediation of DNA analysis for the detection of predispositions of your body. Knowledge of genetics is a real advantage on our path to more effective results and better performance. Thanks to that we can come up with highly personalized strategies for both short-term and long-term goals and effective prevention of genetic traps through a meal, supplementation, and training plan.


Premium form of collaboration in a direct connection with Marketa Gajdosova. This capacity-limited variant is based on the application personal expertise of a proven methodology and its full individualization into the client’s practice. Nutrition mentoring guarantees a complete transformation, above-standard results, a pro-client approach tailored and intensive support in which you will never be alone. It is intended only for clients who are aware that their problems need to be addressed comprehensively and are eager to get to know their bodies on the deepest level possible.

Flexible customized meal plan

Comprehensive, variable, and a long-term usable form of the meal plan to the extent of approximately 50 pages. The meal plan is not time-limited because thanks to its flexibility it can be used throughout your life, or just to reach your particular goal. It is not a strict plan that you would have to follow day after day. On the contrary, it gives you freedom of almost unlimited choice and intuitive combinations of meals while meeting the set nutritional parameters. Its core is the product of several years of work embedded into its current final form which provides top quality and respects the individuality of each client. Included are 2 consultations, a supplementation proposal, practical advice, the recommendation of suitable food brands, and associated educational part.

Nutrition coaching

Comprehensive premium form of long-term collaboration which covers all the factors of the regime to ensure the best results. The form of the meal plan is adjusted based on the current situation, goals, and mutual agreement. Our goal is intuitive eating which reflects a perfect understanding of yourself and your body and which takes into account individual needs. It is not just our help with your eating habits but also the connection between your physical and mental levels. Our coaching includes intensive contact, regular consultations, communication, and reports. All this is done under the protective wings of our nutrition coach and the deep collaboration of the whole MG team.


Today, in addition to continuous investment in their education, a successful nutritionist has to invest primarily in himself. However, the progressive methodology available through intensive combined study abroad is an expensive matter. If, as an aspiring or already working nutritionist, you want to get answers from one of the most sought-after nutritional counselors in the Czech Republic, this educational mentoring will resolve your ambiguities and take your knowledge to the next level help build a successful practice.


  • Even the most minor details decide when it comes to a professional sport career results. I have been a professional athlete for more than 15 years, and therefore, my body is the most valuable tool to me. I have always been interested in optimizing my diet, but only the cooperation with Marketa Gajdosova really moved me to a level higher in my understanding and relationship to food. I perceive Marketa, her knowledge and her leadership as one of the most fundamental positive impulses in my career. I look forward to what else we can do together.

    Marketa Nausch Slukova - national Olympic representative of beach volleyball, vice-champion of Europe and three-time champion of the Czech Republic
    Klientka Markéty Gajdošové
  • I expected a lot from working with Marketa, but what came true literally after one day? I am incredibly grateful to Marketa for what she does and how she does it. Her work is a true reflection of her soul. She is an empathetic and divine coach. I am delighted with the results of her nutritional coaching. The diet suits me perfectly and I am full of energy. Thanks to Marketa, I found myself again.

    Michaela Nedomova
    Klientka Markéty Gajdošové
  • The start of collaboration with Marketa was one of my best decisions ever. The results came almost immediately not only in my appearance but also my health and my feelings. The collaboration with Marketa does not end with just some diet plan and nutrition advice. It is really a comprehensive view of both physical and psychological health thanks to which the effect is what it is. Do not hesitate any longer!

    Eliska Hrebickova – a national representative and the champion of the Czech Republic in Latin American dances Markéta Gajdošová’s client
    Klientka Markéty Gajdošové
  • What Marketa taught me will stay with me all my life that finally started to go in the right direction. Marketa helped me to move on, by which I do not mean just the food. The amount of her energy invested in our collaboration is unquantifiable. She gave me hope, showed me a new path, always supported me, and I will always be grateful and will never stop admiring her great abilities. Marketa is an amazing and inspirational woman. To contact her was without a doubt my best decision.

    Barbora Pelnarova
    Klientka Markéty Gajdošové
  • Marketa was my clear choice. I could spend hours praising our collaboration but even dozens of pages would not be enough to name all the benefits arising from it. I would like to pinpoint at least some of them which are her humanity, empathy, and her ability not to miss any detail. It is her ability to view things in a broader context and her words of support that make her a unique nutrition specialist.

    Veronika Lechnerová
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • Marketa is my angel. It is almost unbelievable how the right nutrition can change everything you can imagine. I am grateful Marketa took me under her wings. Being both a mom and a businesswoman, I used to put food at the end of my priority list. Despite this, I worked very hard, which in the end impacted my health and my overall functioning. Just a couple of days after introducing my new meal plan, I started feeling a huge surge of energy, not speaking about Marketa’s very precise approach. Thank you so much for everything!

    Anna Růžičková
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • When you want to be the best at something, you want to work with the best, and for me, Marketa clearly is the best person to work with. I’m happy to have her by my side and achieve my desired goals with her. I have dreamed of working with Marketa for a long time. From our initial consultation, we went on to a long-term collaboration that has literally changed my life. The primary goal was health, having enough energy to train, and optimizing my physique. But this collaboration has brought me so much more: a healthy relationship with food, eliminating the fear of food, listening to my body, better physical results, and many things that are far from “just” nutrition.

    Martina Šáchová - a Czech national karate representatitve
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • Before I started my collaboration with Marketa I was completely lost. I had no idea who I really was and how I could get out of my vicious circle full of not working patterns and stereotypes. Marketa helped me find the missing parts which I had unconsciously lost. We both looked at where to place each part to make things work the way they should. When the puzzle was finally completed, I was able to start living my life again. I managed to be happy again, to enjoy my life, and most importantly, to have my meals planned the way which currently brings me only pleasure.

    Klára Štěpánová
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • Throughout my life, I’ve tried many diets. It wasn’t until I met Marketa that I realized they were all useless. Marketa was the first one who truly taught me how to eat well and to grasp the concept of clean eating easily. Her meal plan is variable, and following it saves a lot of time. I can plan my meals in advance as well as have the flexibility of eating out. Marketa is incredibly empathetic and cares about her clients passionately.

    Romana Bohmova
    Klientka Markéty Gajdošové
  • I contacted Marketa from the other side of the world after I followed her work for a long time and the only thing, I really regret is not contacting her earlier. She has always been there for me during my process of transformation. She has always had a great understanding for me, and her words always touched my heart. The varied food plan offers very easy meals for preparation which is great in my busy days so greatly appreciated.

    Petra Hofman
    Klientka Markéty Gajdošové
  • The collaboration with Marketa brought me good health, joy, and relief. I contacted Marketa at the time when I had no idea how to get out of a pretty difficult situation and when I perceived my recommended diet as a punishment. The individual approach (individual food plan) can hardly be described when it comes to Marketa. You really must experience it for yourself! It is no restriction but freedom. The plan is so great that there is not a single reason not to keep following it.  I have been following it for over a year now and my condition has improved significantly. Every meal brings me joy. I really appreciate it and I am very grateful to Marketa for her kindness and approach which never reminded me of my limits but on the contrary my possibilities.

    Klara Hesounova
    Klientka Markéty Gajdošové
  • Marketa is not only a person in the right place but also an expert who has a passion for what she is doing. Her friendly and human approach made our collaboration very pleasant. Marketa makes sure that the customized meal plan considers our individual needs. She helped me turn my meal into the number one priority, without any excesses or self-accusations. I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

    Eva Hůlová
    Markéta Gajdošová’s client
  • Whatever your nutrition goal is, you won’t go wrong alongside Marketa. My primary reason to start our collaboration was to find some sort of balance in my nutrition which would help me on my way to improving my regime and reaching my goals in sport. Marketa and I prepared a perfectly tailored food plan to fit my lifestyle and at the same time to enable me to do top-level sport.

    Eliska Fiedlerova – biathlon representative
    Klientka Markéty Gajdošové
  • Contacting Marketa was one of my best life decisions I have made so far. She helped me to make my dream come true. Something that I had been unable to reach for a long time and always went down in flames. She has changed my life and my mindset and only thanks to her I am where I am now. Marketa is really the woman in the right place. The best coach ever and my 24/7 support.

    Lucia Husárová
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • Marketa’s nutrition coaching was my best decision. Marketa is an incredibly empathetic person when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and well-being in general. Her approach is both comprehensive and individual. Our collaboration was very pleasant, and with her help, I was able to solve my “unsolvable“ problems. I am sure I will benefit from her coaching all my life, and that no matter how hard the goal may seem, with Marketa’s help, I will be able to reach it.

    Alexandra Dirriglová
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • Many thanks to Marketa Gajdošová, who carefully prepares my meal plan, and greatly looks after me. She is the person behind our “mega power” and our results.

    Barbora Košková, vice-champion of the Czech Republic in 10 dance styles
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • I recommend Marketa to everyone interested in the overall lifestyle change. Marketa is a
    sympathetic young woman in the right place. She knows what she is doing, and you can see that she enjoys all the work she does and does it with her heart. I am completely satisfied with her meal plan. I am feeling much better, and my body finally works well and has more energy.

    Filip Kunc
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • Marketa is a real professional who has an individual and sensitive approach to each client. She gained my full trust just after our first appointment, and I immediately knew the magic would work. I contacted Marketa because I wanted to reconcile my active lifestyle and my nutrition. However, she gradually brought me to my understanding that my well-being is not just about sports and food but also my mindset. I know that with her help I am on the right path.

    Markéta Kaňková
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • Marketa has changed me and my life. She does not only change your weight and relationship with
    food but also helps you to return to your essence, to reach your potential in all possible aspects, and will teach you in a fraction of time what you would normally be learning all your life and sometimes even with no success. I attended various courses, coaching sessions with other coaches but only Marketa was finally able to help me with everything I needed.

    Mária Tkáčiková
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • Marketa’s customized meal plan was great. I finally understand more about food. I immediately started feeling better. I have more energy, and my measurements went down. I kept my muscles, and I lost a great amount of fat.

    Nicole Ehrenbergerová – A Cup of Style
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • I found Marketa Gajdosova, and she is really amazing. She prepared a customized meal plan for me. It is very nicely written and with all the details. I am really excited about it. When I looked at other customized meal plans on the internet prepared by other consultants, I did not like them as much. Moreover, not everyone prepares such tailor-made plans, for example, the ones without meat.

    Nikola Čechová – Shopaholic Nicol
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • I contacted Marketa because I wanted to lose some weight. I had tried almost everything and almost stopped believing that there is a path for me. Then came a collaboration with Marketa. We were on the same wavelength from the very beginning and managed to get great results, also due to the friendly atmosphere. Not only am I in my best shape ever but also my perspective has changed significantly. I used to believe that my poor metabolism was most likely at fault but in the end, it turned out to be vice versa. Thank you with love for everything.

    Eliška Dostálová
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • Contacting Marketa regarding my meal plan was one of my best decisions I have ever made. The consultation itself reassured me that she is really the right person. The meal plan is based on available good-quality groceries. The portion sizes are more than sufficient. I am very excited about the results of our collaboration.

    Aneta Staňková
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • I cannot speak highly enough about the collaboration with Marketa. She is a real professional. I lacked energy had poor immunity. Thanks to Marketa I do not remember being sick and I also have enough energy for all my activities.

    Dominika Jojková
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • The collaboration with Marketa was the best thing I could have done for myself. She understands her job perfectly and does it with special care. Every time I came to her with some problem on my path to better myself, she always knew what to say, and I always felt she paid 150 % attention to me.

    Markéta Středová
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • The collaboration with Marketa was the best thing I could have done on my path to a healthy body. Professional approach, the meal plan full of good and healthy food that will not make you feel hungry. And the results? Great joy. Marketa’s approach assured me that this is not just a diet but rather a new lifestyle that I am going to follow forever. For this, I will be grateful to her for the rest of my life.

    Tereza Kalvodová
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • Do not hesitate to collaborate with Marketa. This investment to yourself, to your well-being and satisfaction, will pay off. Great services, care, individual approach, understanding, positive mood, and diverse selection of meals. Every day I eat what I like. Marketa, thank you for your approach. I just regret not meeting you sooner.

    Martina Dvořáková
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • Marketa helped me to shift the quality of my training and my competitive performance to a new level and showed me how important it is to take good care of my body because what we get from our bodies in return is simply amazing. Our collaboration was really pleasant, and I really enjoyed it. Contacting Marketa has been one of the best decisions I could have made.

    Eliška Plachá, vice-national champion of the Czech Republic in standard dances
    Markéta Gajdošová’s client
  • Marketa has returned me to life. She showed me that food is a joy. Thanks to her professional, precise, and individual approach my path to success is so much easier. Thank you so much for that. You are my support every day.

    Eva Forejtková
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • Marketa has become one of the most important people in my life during our collaboration. When I first met her, I did not understand the meaning of my life. I was unhappy, with no self-confidence. I hated myself, and I was afraid of food and exercised excessively. Marketa has changed my life and has managed to turn me into the exact opposite person of what I used to be. I am healthy now and really incredibly happy. I could not have made a better choice.

    Karolína Prouzová
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • Contacting Marketa has been one of my best life decisions. Her magic and especially her individual, professional, kind, and comprehensive approach will help you understand the food, and to find the path not only to a healthy lifestyle but also to yourself. Marketa will help you solve even the issues which you regarded as unsolvable. I recommend her from the bottom of my heart.

    Hana Zemanová
    Markéta Gajdošová’s client
  • Not only Markéta is an amazing woman, but also the number one in her field. After the second birth, I felt very tired and only thanks to Markéta did I understand where the problem was. Bad food composition, few vitamins and small portions. Thanks to Markéta and her tailor-made diet plan, I got into great condition, not only physically, but mainly mentally. To this day, according to their principles, the whole family eats and we are completely satisfied. Thank you very much, I could not be more thankful!

    Zuzana Linhares
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • Should I define my collaboration with Marketa with only three words, they would be professionalism, perceptiveness, and genuineness. Marketa’s approach taught me to enjoy not only my meal but also my life. I am on a new path and I really enjoy it.

    Sandra Juránková
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • I had searched for the right path for a very long time, but it wasn’t until I met Markéta when I finally found it. I understood firsthand what an individualized diet can do and what incredible power it has. Markéta stood by my side and always listened to my wishes, concerns, and questions with her outstanding willingness. She opened new perspectives, explained them, and helped in all desired aspects. She deserves the biggest thank you.

    Eva Cyrany
    Markéta Gajdošová's client
  • The collaboration with Adela is something I can recommend 100 %. She has a truly kind and friendly approach. She clearly explains everything and gives you advice if you do not know what to do. In a nutshell, she knows how the body works and what is best for it. I am really satisfied with her nutrition coaching. If you are lost in all those diets and other nonsense just as I used to, Adela is the best choice for you.

    Martina Halířová
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • I started my collaboration because I couldn’t move further in my sports performances and wanted to do something about it. Adela showed me that if I want to make my body perform as it is supposed to, it is not just about the food I eat but also about my head and about my lifestyle. Many thanks for her individual, professional and optimistic approach.

    Jiri Slais
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • I can recommend Kamila to anyone who is trying to do something with their bodies. We together prepared my food plan and in just a few weeks we could see the results. Kamila is a very likable person with a heart in the right place. She is able to motivate you and you can see she loves what is doing.

    Kristýna Tvrzová
    Kamila Černá’s client
  • The word weight has really defined my last 18 years. I was obsessed with that figure on the scale every day. During our collaboration, I realized its paradox and it gradually changed my life. I stopped overeating and eating when I was stressed. My life currently goes on without being stressed about my weight. I feel so much better, and I am lighter and lighter day by day. Thank you.

    Adela Cvejnova
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • Kamila helped me realize that long-term sustainability is the key. Today I know very well why I will never undergo various extreme diets guaranteeing super-fast results. With Kamila’s help, I am slowly but surely finding my way out of this maze. The collaboration has revealed a lot to me not only about food but mainly about the overall approach to life, which is emphasized in the collaboration. It made me realize how complex the body is and how everything is connected. Thanks to the collaboration, I am now able to listen and respond to my body’s needs.

    Kristýna Rumánková
    Kamila Černá’s client
  • The collaboration with Adela is simply unbelievable. I just can’t find the right words to describe how grateful I am for this decision. Her services were always premium despite the fact I was located on the other side of the world. Adela always gives at least 150 % and always knows what to say. You will never feel you are on your own. Your path to your dream figure becomes a completely new path to a better life.

    Iveta Hanelova
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • Working with Marketa Gajdosova and Kamila Cerna for more than a year has changed my perspective on eating and also changed the way I think about food dramatically. Once the food was resolved, I gained not only the freedom I had longed for but also the mental capacity to tackle other topics and for self-development. I gained much more confidence in myself, both on a personal and professional level. I have no doubt whatsoever that choosing MG COACHING® for this difficult path was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

    Eva Bartošová
    Kamila Černá’s client
  • I am absolutely satisfied with the meal plan. I have even reached my desired intuitive eating, but I still often go through the meal plan and look for both the recipes and advice. Among other things, I’ve fallen in love with a lot of new things thanks to my new meal plan. As for my physical and mental progress, I’ve really made great progress. I’ve gotten back into regular exercise, and not only have I lost some pounds, but I’m getting to the point where I really love my body and myself. You and your great meal plan have been one of the first steps for me to become a loving person and I mean that completely. I am truly very grateful and thank you so much for everything.

    Diana Bártová
    Kamila Černá’s client
  • I had the opportunity to work personally with both Marketa and Kamila, and it was one of the best decisions I could have made. There was a lot of confusion in my diet and a lot of confusing information I had didn’t really help me. Working together helped me find the right balance and varied diet that really suits my body. Therefore, if I were to make the decision of whether to start our collaboration again, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment and, save myself a lot of time in ignorance and unnecessary suffering.

    Ellen Slezáčková
    Kamila Černá’s client
  • Kamila is my personal guide and my superpower for my better future. I can say with peace of mind that I wouldn’t have made the progress I have made in the last few months with her help if I should do it on my own. Right after my first consultation, I knew I was on the right path. I like the way we discuss different topics together, which opens up other possible questions to address. It doesn’t stop with nutrition. And most importantly, you are finally not alone. 

    Veronika Kosternová
    Kamila Černá’s client
  • Adela is a real professional. This amazing woman opened my eyes not only when it comes to nutrition but also to the perception of food and of myself. I lived in fear to make any changes although I knew it would be the best for me. I was afraid of being judged by others, but Adela led me the right way and gave me countless reasons why to make such a change. I am so grateful for that! Just a single consultation gave me more than a dozen therapies.

    Eliška Lossmanová
    Adéla Prokůpková's client
  • I was hoping for a customized meal plan that would help me to get myself on the path of losing weight. I obtained much more than that. Friendly, however, very professional approach, a lot of understanding, support, a lot of new information, motivation, sustainable approach, trust, and also a space to discuss the topics that despite my cheerful character bring tears to my eyes. I am truly very grateful for this transformation experience.


    Tereza Kramperová
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • I reached out to Adela because I knew she had walked the same path in past as a client. She was my last hope. I reached out to her to help me with weight reduction which I had gained while trying to regain my periods. I know I can write her anything and I will always get a meaningful response from her which will move me on.

    Karolína Novotná
    Adéla Prokůpková's client
  • Not even thousands of books could accurately describe what I found in Adéla as my coach. Without expecting such a comprehensive concept, we opened up entirely new topics in addition to nutrition and training. Adéla’s work is best described by conscientiousness, functionality, empathy, humility, and closeness. We mastered my goals, but thanks to Adéla, the journey continues. Thank you for everything!

    Natálie Egemová
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • My daughter gave me a customized meal plan for my birthday. I worked on it with Kamila, who guided me through the whole process in a very clear, kind, helpful, and human way. She explained everything carefully, listened to my needs, and watched the results with great interest. With her great help, I was able to change my eating habits even at a more mature age, lose a few kilos, and, most importantly, get rid of my digestive problems. Thank you very much for that and I can only recommend her.

    Alena Levá
    Kamila Černá’s client
  • Kamila and I started working on my meal plan and a physical activity plan not just for a temporary habit but rather for a complete change in my lifestyle She always respected my needs and helped me to overcome my fear and led me through this change as an equal partner that I can always trust and rely on. She always explained the whole process and listened to my needs and preferences. Kamila always shows her interest, motivates, and leads people through the whole process with such a passion which you can see only with the people who do

    Marie Smrková
    Kamila Černá’s client
  • I have been following MG COACHING® for some time and their ideas have helped me not only with my approach to food but also to sports. I really enjoyed my consultation with Adela Prokupkova. It was very natural, factual, but also kind and understanding. The resulting written output, which I was given, is basically my personal guide with steps that I can gradually implement into my life. It’s like poetry to a systematic person like myself. However, I was most pleased with the overall impression I got not only from the consultation itself but also from my attendance at MG webinars.

    Sylva Neradová
    Adéla Prokůpková's client
  • I reached out to MG COACHING® and Kamila Cerna because I needed to find some kind of anchor in my chaotic eating habits. In short, something that I would trust 100%. I got all of that plus a certain compass if you will because it was like a new chapter in my life in which I needed to know where to go. Thanks to my new meal plan, I have learned to really listen to my body and leave the past for good. Without it, I would never have found out what really works for me, and I would still be in a vicious circle. I highly recommend the collaboration with her to anyone who wants to take a step in a new direction and finally put themselves first.

    Františka Brzobohatá
    Kamila Černá’s client
  • Every time we want to change something in our lives, we need to start with ourselves. Adela helped me understand and clarify many issues not only in the field of nutrition. I finally understood during our collaboration how all things are connected and that a quality nutrition coach simply cannot be interested only in what we eat. Adela is really a person in the right place. She directed me in the right direction and now I am able to continue on my own.

    Pavla Malošová
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • We just don’t discuss food with Kamila, as you may see with most so-called professionals, but our collaboration is much broader than that. It is more about the mental setting, working with our thoughts, and creating a new better life. I am grateful that I can collaborate with Kamila on this. It was one of my best life decisions.

    Adela Volkova
    Kamila Černá’s client
  • Reaching out to Adela was one of the best steps to self-love which I could take. I was unsatisfied with my diet for a long time. Being a vegetarian and half vegan with an allergy to soya and many other groceries, I had trouble finding what I can really eat. I tended to choose unhealthy food and either ate too much or too little. Adela was so helpful in setting up my meal plan. Thanks to her I eat regularly and really enjoy my food.  For the first time after so many years, I am feeling great in my own body. Thank you so much. I highly recommend her!

    Kristýna Svobodová
    Adéla Prokůpková's client
  • We all know how difficult it is to lose some weight after giving birth to your children at a certain age. Thanks to Adela I began to flourish and love myself again. Thanks to her nutritional counseling and her customized food plan new horizons opened up for me. Kamila is an amazing person. Everything she is doing, she is doing consistently and thoroughly. Thank you for this amazing contribution to my life!

    Irina Vagenknecht
    Kamila Černá’s client
  • I see my decision to contact Adela as one of the best investments in my health. Although I already had some knowledge of nutrition, she taught me to look at health more comprehensively, and not just at some figures in some app or my weight. I understand why. She helped me to introduce real flexibility into my life. I highly recommend her, and I also would like to thank her for everything.

    Nikola Kohoutová
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • To start my collaboration with Adela was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. She really is the right person in the right place. She provided me with great support already at our first meeting and directed me the right direction. I had never encountered such individual approach before I met Adela.

    Kristyna Koskova
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • I see Adela’s complex coaching as one of the best investments in my health and generally in myself. I cannot praise enough her responsible and precise approach which I am given during our collaboration. Adela is simply a great choice. I can surely recommend her.

    Tereza Veselá
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • The collaboration with Adela was one of my best decisions. Each plan is really individual and tailored to your needs. It is no diet, no restriction. Her approach is really amazing. It’s not just about the food. She is a real friend that we all want in our lives. I am glad I decided to collaborate with her, and I only regret not doing it sooner.

    Hana Fialová
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • Contacting Adela was the best decision I could have made for myself. Her approach is very honest and friendly. With her knowledge, she can help and also mentally support in various situations. She always knows what she is doing and has my full trust. I regret our collaboration did not start sooner.

    Simona Glatzová
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • After just a single consultation with Adela, I already had answers to all my questions. And a lot more. Adela is a kind, empathic and experienced coach who can explain everything both from the professional and human point of view. What I really appreciate most of all is her individual approach, which I consider to be the key factor on our way to getting the requested results.

    Michaela Rutteová
    Adéla Prokůpková's client
  • I started my collaboration with Adela about 4 months ago. During these 4 months, she has shown me how to perceive my body and that with the right food you can feel great not only physically but also mentally. The progress has been made almost immediately and was noticed by the national team coaches who asked me to join the national team. I am glad I decided to go for nutrition coaching and proved again that the best investment is the one you make in yourself. I definitely recommend her to everyone! If you still hesitate, don’t! Just go for it!

    Filip Nguyen – a goalkeeper of the football national team
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • Adela saved me from the endless round of overeating and starvation. I got rid of the problems I had struggled with for years already during our first month of collaboration. For the first time in my life, I am confident that I am on the right path.

    Barbora Otrubová
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • I am so grateful for contacting Adela. She is really great. I have tried many nutrition therapists in my life, but no one has ever paid as much attention to me as Adela has in just one session. She showed her real interest in so many things in my life. She is not only a great nutrition consultant with so much knowledge but mainly a person with a big heart who will always want the best for you. I will always be grateful for what she has done. If you are hesitant, don’t be! Go for it! 

    Barbora Kulhanova
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • In the beginning, I made a decision to invest in myself and create a regular regime. Such a regime that I would be able to rely on under any circumstances. I knew I was not able to change my habits on my own, so Adela became my guide on my path to regular eating patterns and dream figure. If you are looking for a personal fan, a great companion come rain or shine but also someone who will remind you of reasons why you are doing this, with Adela you are surely in the right place. 

    Lenka Fortova
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • Establishing cooperation with Adela was one of the best decisions I have made recently. I really appreciated her kind, friendly but also very professional approach. Her customized meal plan absolutely met my expectations. I feel great. I have enough energy. My meal plan also met all the goals which Adela and I had previously set. Cooperation with her is something I can really recommend.

    Karolína Nováčková
    Adéla Prokůpková's client
  • Adela is an experienced coach with a complex, individual, and positive approach. She is the best friend on your path to your well-being, balance, finding the best version of yourself, understanding of priorities, and reaching your personal goals. Moreover, she is a person who does not neglect the value of her client and their personal life and does not put them in the background concerning the primary goals. Simply said: You want her in your life!

    Barbora Kazdová
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • Our collaboration was not only about the food or my original goal to lose some weight, but it also actually touched all areas of my life. Throughout our collaboration, Adela was not just my psychologist, but also my friend. She gave me a lot of good advice and helped me to understand important things in my life. Thanks to her, I managed to create healthy habits in my life, I learned to eat the right way, fell in love with movement, lost some weight but most importantly started to love myself. I finally really respect my body and treat it and take care of it accordingly. When I look back at what I was like six months ago, I cannot help myself but wonder how big change has occurred. I am convinced I will benefit from this collaboration till the end of my life.

    Barbora Kubova
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • My collaboration with Adela was not just about getting the right food plan or facts about food that I can easily use in my everyday life, but mainly about personal development and getting answers to great questions that may take some time to understand.  It was great having a coach by my side who encouraged me the way I really needed. She managed to name things the right way although I was initially afraid of it. The collaboration with Adela is really helpful for personality growth and its pace is set in a way to be acceptable for the client at any moment in time.

    Miriam Kulikova
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • I contacted Adela after years of not understanding what a healthy lifestyle really means and how to proceed with it. From the very beginning, I knew I would be discovering what it really is without any stress about some strict diets and tables full of musts and mustn’ts. Her approach is professional but at the same time perceptive, warm, and constantly encouraging, which could all be put into one word – real. I was lucky to have met her.

    Zuzana Bařínková
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • The collaboration with Kamila was comprehensive, positive and gave me a lot of information on how to choose and combine my food in the way that the body does not lack anything. She was always there and ready to give me quick advice either by texting me, or video calling me and adjusted my food plan with regard to my current needs. Thanks to her guidance I finally understand the main principles of nutrition and I feel so much better.

    Anita Martincová
    Kamila Černá’s client
  • The word collaboration pretty much explains everything. You have someone by your side on your path who will help you, give you advice, and be your support. That is exactly what Adela Nejedla did and was. She taught me how to perceive my body, to listen to my (forgotten) intuition, and to function properly and comprehensively. She showed me that each person is unique and needs to find their ideal state, which I managed to find with her help. Thank you!

    Marie Boková
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • I was on a diet, followed many food plans, or tried many ways to lose some weight very many times in my life. I was unhappy with this system, had little or no results, and also failed many times. My collaboration with Adela opened my eyes. She teaches me to love myself and also to have a reasonable approach to food and perspective habits. It literally changed my life. It was one of my best life investments. Adela is amazing, professional, understanding, empathetic, and very thorough. She always surprises me with how much she understands and cares about my problems and how professionally she acts. The word thanks is simply not enough here. I wish everyone could experience the same.

    Lucie Hlubuckova
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • The collaboration with Adela was the best decision I could have made to be able to get to the point where I felt healthy and balanced. Adela does not regard a person only as a machine for the consumption of food and for exercising, but on the contrary, she takes into account all his/her life and lifestyle. This tailor-made complexity along with the efforts, empathy, and honesty bears the sweetest fruit.

    Lucie Štírská
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • Just after I started to collaborate with Adela, so many things changed for the better in my life. It was the best I could have done. Adela is an amazing, kind, sensitive, and caring woman who really cares about each client. She has an individual approach for everyone, and she is always there when I need her. Thanks to her I really enjoy my healthy lifestyle and my life more and more. She is the angel who saved me when no one else had been able to.

    Nikola Kiššková
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • I have been following Adela and MG philosophy for quite a while. I knew that if I wanted to move on and solve my issues such as my weight, my health, and my perceived energy I need to contact the best of the best, someone I would absolutely trust. Choosing Adela for this purpose was the very best decision I could make. MG nutrition coaching is not

    Barbora Klepalová
    Adéla Prokůpková's client
  • I started my collaboration with Adela at the time when I had stopped trusting my body but at the same time expected maximum from it. I am grateful for the decision because Adela has become my personal guide on my path to myself. Thanks to her I came to understand how important it is to look after yourself both physically and mentally. I do recommend her to everyone with no exception! The human approach, a lot of information, and mutual trust are guaranteed.

    Iveta Juroková
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client
  • The collaboration with a person like Adela is exactly the type of collaboration that will change your life. Individual approach, professionalism, and especially incredible kindness is what really describes Adela. If you decide to invest in yourself, Adela is the best choice.

    Radka Bláhová
    Adéla Prokůpková’s client

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